Starter Python AI for screeps, the JavaScript MMO game
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This repository is a starter Python AI written for the JavaScript based MMO game, screeps.

While code uploaded to the server must be in JavaScript, this repository is written in Python. We use the Transcrypt transpiler to transpile the python programming into JavaScript.

Specifically, it uses my fork of transcrypt built with a few modifications intended to reduce the overhead of running Python in the Screeps environment. Nothing against Transcrypt itself, and you're free to change the installed fork my modifying requirements.txt! I've just found a few changes useful that I've tested in node.js and the screeps environment, but that I don't have time to generalize enough to include in the main transcrypt codebase.

This repository is intended as a base to be used for building more complex AIs, and has all the tooling needed to transpile Python into JavaScript set up.