Starter Rust AI for Screeps, the JavaScript-based MMO game
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Starter Rust AI for Screeps, the JavaScript-based MMO game

This uses tooling located at I'd recommend using cargo-screeps for uploading the code, but it should compile fine just using cargo-web provided by the stdweb project.

The documentation is currently a bit sparse. API docs which list functions one can use are located at

Almost all crates on are usable (only things which interact with OS apis are broken).

stdweb can be used to embed custom JavaScript into code.


# clone:

git clone
cd screeps-starter-rust
rustup override set nightly

# cli dependencies:

cargo install cargo-screeps
cargo install cargo-web

# configure for uploading:

cp example-screeps.toml screeps.toml
nano screeps.toml

# build tool:

cargo screeps --help