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Thanks go out to the following people
Tim Culver original mailsync author: v1-v4.2
Jaldhar H. Vyas mailsync manpage and initial Debian package
Michael Krelin sizelimit option, bugfixes, docu corrections,
autoconf ...
Bob Lindell first md5 checksumms patch, testing
Heiko Rommel @ SuSE Linux-lib64 support, various bugfixes
Akkana Peck build bugfix
Daniel Scheppler manpage, debian build, dependencies fixes
Good bugreports that helped fix problems
Steve McIntyre concurrent access
LaMont Jones build problems
Alain Tesio typo -> segfault, doh!
Aly Dharshi RH build
Andre Srinivasan not automatically setting -m when listing contents
Wolfgang Sailer forgot to adapt README to autoconf build procedure,
RH imap location
Kunal Chavan don't delete duplicate messages with empty Message-IDs
Akkana Peck config.h quoted in, automake dependency
Eric S. Johansson automake problem on Gentoo and testing
David Binderman missing parameters in printfs in error messages
Current maintainer
Tomas Pospisek mailsync v4.2.1-now
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