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* libc-client changed behaveour:
instead of:
msinfo /home/tpo2/mail/mailsync
we now need:
msinfo mailsync
You're wellcome to implement any of these
* maintaining message Status is broken again. Need to fix that.
* unless run wit -D a once existent folder will allways be
recreated because mailsync remembers it in it's .msinfo store.
How to reproduce:
* create folder F
* store some file there
* sync
* remove F on both sites
* sync
* F will be recreated on one site :-/
* refuse to run if .mailsync contains password and permissions are wrong
* test and/or find better solution to the problem when encountering a mailbox
that does not match our default mailbox delimiter
* mailsync can't handle mailboxes that contain messages _and_ submailboxes
* why do some errors go to stderr and some to stdout?
* ideally sanitize_message_id should not have a side effect, but just
return 1 or 0 if the message had to be modified or it should have
enough information to print a sufficient error message, i.e. the
mailbox where the message is originating from
* I'm not sure whether extra mailboxes in read_lasttime_seen and delete_boxes
in write_lasttime is consistent
* mailsync is using '!' as a hierarchy separator. This is unfortunate. IMAP
4rev1 says mailbox names should be encoded in "modified UTF-7" that is
contain only characters 0x20-0x7e. That means we should use a non-"modified
UTF-7" character as hierarchy separator for mailsync ideally a character
that has special meaning on all platforms as f.ex. newline?
* no_expunge runtime/compile option don't mix?
* Displaying "=?iso-8859-1?Q?Susanne" in Subject or From: is nonsense
* warn should be on by default
* spaces should not be replaced by dots in msinfo
* escape '<' in mailbox names...
* extern msg_string in msgstring.h is ugly
Nice to have
* if no emails are being expunged mailsync should shut up
* synchronize Status
* move CLI options into config file
* calculate (direction == ...) immediately in copy_message
* provide an integrated function for print_lead, print_...
* switch to md5 as default algorithm
* include patches for new features from
* #mhinbox refers to the "inbox" box in the Mail folder in #mh format. That
means that synchronizing INBOX with #mhinbox is impossible right now
because strcmp( "INBOX", "#mhinbox") yield false.
It'd be nice if we could sync those. If we'd do that then we could as
well do a "whatever" to "whatother" mapping (1:1), which would make
INBOX <-> #mhinbox just a special case of the more general 1:1 maping.
* replace "vector"s by "slist"s