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Full backups to Amazon S3
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Lots of tools exist out there that do backups to Amazon S3, but none quite fit our needs. In particular, though duplicity seemed to be closest, it wouldn't recreate hard links upon restore.

This system uses duplicity with an additional layer that allows us to recreate hard links.

Installation on Debian/Ubuntu

Download the duplicity sources. As of this writing, the latest is 5.09

On Debian/Ubuntu:

$ tar xvf duplicity-*.tar.gz
$ cd duplicity-*/
$ sudo apt-get build-dep duplicity
$ sudo aptitude install python-boto checkinstall
$ sudo checkinstall python install
$ cd ..

Hit return a few times, and duplicity will have been installed.


I had a little trouble with earlier versions of duplicity. I'm not sure whether that was my fault, but the latest seems to be the greatest, too.

Now either click the download link at and unpack the result, or

$ git-clone git://


$ sudo chown -R root:root s3backup
$ sudo mv s3backup/etc/cron.d/* /etc/cron.d
$ sudo cp s3backup/ s3backup/
$ sudo mv s3backup /usr/local
$ sudo chmod 0600 /usr/local/s3backup/

now edit your private information into /usr/local/s3backup/

And that should do it!

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