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 Wanderlust -- Yet Another Message Interface on Emacsen
                      by Yuuichi Teranishi <>

Wanderlust is a mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs.


 * Implementation in elisp only.
 * Support of IMAP4rev1 [1], NNTP [2], POP(POP3[3]/APOP), MH and Maildir.
 * Integrated access to messages based on Folder Specifications like Mew[4].
 * Key bindings and mark processing like Mew.
 * Management of threads and unread messages.
 * Folder mode to select and edit subscribed folders.
 * Message cache, Disconnected Operation.
 * MH-like Fcc (Fcc: %Backup is possible).
 * Full support of MIME (by SEMI).
 * Draft editing of mail and news as a same interface.
 * Icon based interface for the list of Folder (XEmacs and Emacs 21).
 * Skip fetching of a large message part of MIME(IMAP4).
 * Server side searching (IMAP4), internationalized searching is available.
 * Virtual folder.
 * Compressed folder.
 * Automatic expiration of old messages.
 * Automatic refiling.
 * Draft templates.

System Requirements:



See INSTALL to install.

Web Page:

Wanderlust Official web page is available at:

You can get latest Wanderlust version from there.

Mailing List:

Via the Wanderlust ML, we discuss about Wanderlust, announce the latest

Wanderlust Mailing List <>

In this list, Japanese is mainly used for discussion. We also have a list
for discussion in English:

Wanderlust List in English <>

(NOTE: messages posted to the latter are also forwarded to the former)

To subscribe, send mail to (or send mail to for English list), with '# guide' as the message


  Development of Wanderlust uses CVS.  So latest developing version is
  available at CVS.

(0) cvs login (first time only)

    % cvs -d login

    CVS password: [CR] # NULL string

(1) checkout

    % cvs -d checkout wanderlust

  To get Wanderlust from stable branch, do following instead of above

    % cvs -d checkout -r wl-2_8 wanderlust

  You can also view CVS repository via

  If you want to receive CVS commit log via e-mail, send empty mail to


  If you would like to join CVS based development, please send mail to

  with your account name and your public key for ssh.  cvsroot is

  If you cannot use ssh, please send UNIX /etc/passwd style crypted
  password.  You can commit with the cvsroot

  We hope you will join the open development.


[2] B. Kantor and P. Lapsley, "Network News Transfer Protocol: A
    Proposed Standard for the Stream-Based Transmission of News", RFC
    977, 1986.
[3] J. Myers, M. Rose, "Post Office Protocol - Version 3", RFC 1929, 1996.
[4] "Mew -- Messaging in the Emacs World", 
    (Copyright (C) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Mew developing team.)
    Available from
[5] "tm -- MIME package for GNU Emacs",
    (Copyright (C) 1994, 1995, 1996 MORIOKA Tomohiko)
    Latest tm package is available from
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