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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='interface.xsl'?>
<interface xmlns="">
<summary>decentralised installation system</summary>
Zero Install is a cross-platform, decentralised installation system. Instead of
having a central repository in which all software is placed under a naming
scheme managed by some central authority, programs and libraries in Zero Install
are identified by URIs. Anyone who can create a web-page can publish software.
Anyone can install software (not just root).
Conceptually, you can imagine that the software is 'installed' only on a remote
machine and that you are simply running it (on your own machine) using a network
filesystem. Caching makes this fast and allows off-line use. The cache is
indexed using a cryptographic hash, allowing it to be shared between mutually
untrusting users automatically.
Zero Install resolves dependencies (such as libraries) on a per-program basis,
which eliminates conflicts. You will never be told that installing one program
requires first uninstalling another.</description>
<icon href="" type="image/png"/>
<feed-for interface=""/>
<release:management xmlns:release="">
<!-- Update the copy of the version number -->
<release:action phase="commit-release">sed -i &quot;s/^version = '.*'$/version = '$RELEASE_VERSION'/&quot; zeroinstall/</release:action>
<release:action phase="commit-release">sed -i &quot;s/^version = '.*'$/version = '$RELEASE_VERSION'/&quot; zeroinstall/0launch-gui/</release:action>
<release:action phase="generate-archive">rm .gitignore; make translations</release:action>
<group license="OSI Approved :: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)" main="0launch">
<command name="run" path="0launch">
<runner interface=""/>
<command name="test" path="tests/">
<runner interface="">
<!-- Also restrict the verison of Python for older 0install and when used as a library. -->
<requires interface="">
<version before="3" not-before="2.6"/>
<implementation id="." version="1.7-post"/>