Defender Of Nothing - A clon of Defender, but like an anti-videogame (my entry for SpeedHack 2007)
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Defender Of Nothing, SpeedHack 2007
by David Capello


This game is INCOMPLETE

 Tools and Libraries Used

 Compiler/IDE: Emacs, MinGW (GCC), make, Allegro Sprite Editor

 Platform: Windows

 Language: C++

 SpeedHack Rules

  * Evilness:
    You can send people to Hell (burning them), but it's not the
    objective (anyway you will get points for that).
  * Radius of Influence:
    The burning effect of the devil with the people.
  * Get a Grip:
    INCOMPLETE (...It should be: The friction of cars with the floor. And
    when you smash angels on the street.)
  * Ratio, Respect!
    The game support widescreen resolution and a square aspect one, to
    switch one to another press F11.
  * Reverse Stereotypes:
    Angels that want to kill people to send them to heaven, and a
    Devil that defend people. Angels with glasses. And a God that
    you wouldn't want to known (INCOMPLETE).
  * Dialogue:
    Thanks to the "Act of Generosity" rule, I threw away the Dialogue rule.

  Another important note: all files and graphics were made between the
  3 days period of competition. There are only one file that wasn't
  coded during the 3 days period, and it's:

    include/vector2d.hpp (I took it from an example of my Vaca library)

  (that linear algebra never changes :)

 About the Game

The Heaven is getting empty and boring, so God want more people and
send his angels to find them. You are the Devil, and must to defend
the people, anyway, extra points will give you if you send people to
Hell to keep them more safe.

 How to Play

   Arrows    - move the Devil (fly and walk)
   Left CTRL - charges fire, and shoot when you release the key


Programming and graphics by:

  David Capello