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@dacash-publisher dacash-publisher released this Jun 7, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

This is the first release of DACash Core software.

If you need a Linux VPS, we recommend Vultr VPS provider. It allows you to rent up to 2 servers for as low as $2.5/month (and more starting from $5/month) and choose a nearest to you server location. Also you may try it without payment having credit until the 1st of next month.

After you added a VPS with Ubuntu (versions 16.04, 17.10 or 18.04 are supported), you should have an IP address and root password. Connect to the server (use putty, kitty or other ssh client on Windows) as root@IP with the password given. Then copy/paste the following commands:

wget -N

It will update your system, install necessary libraries, install DACash Core software, configure it as a cold masternode daemon, generate masternode private key for you and provide instructions to configure your cold masternode controlling wallet. It also installs and configures ufw firewall.

It was tested on Ubuntu 16.04, 17.10 and 18.04 only and will refuse to run on other Ubuntu versions.

Here is an example of what you get in the end of setup process:
Follow the instructions given and finish the masternode setup using your local wallet.

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