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Upgrade Notes


  • [IMPROVEMENT] return raw result data if no normalizer is defined #63


  • [BUGFIX] Fix view_name in default configuration Configuration::buildContextOutputChannelsNode


  • [BUGFIX] Fix method argument definition in DefinitionBuilderRegistry::registerFilterDefinition @ThisIsJustARandomGuy

Migrating from Version 1.x to Version 2.0.0

Global Changes

  • Directory var/bundles/DynamicSearchBundle can be removed safely since it is not required anymore
  • PHP8 return type declarations added: you may have to adjust your extensions accordingly
  • All Folders in views are lowercase/dashed now (views/common, views/output-channel, ...)
  • FieldTransformerInterface::configureOptions return type changed to void
  • Provider bundles registration process has changed: There not automatically registered. You need to this by yourself. Example.
  • Paginator changed:
    • Removed Zend Paginator
    • Use Paginator from KnpPaginatorBundle which is included in PX by default
      • AdapterInterface changes (This affects you only if you're using a custom paginator adapter_class):
        • count() renamed to getCount()
        • setItemCountPerPage() added
        • setCurrentPageNumber() added
    • dynamic_search_default_paginator_class container parameter removed. If you want to modify the paginator items, just us the knp_pager.items event
    • views/common/list/paginated/_wrapper.html.twig, views/common/pagination/_default.html.twig mark-up changed, check your views accordingly
  • Resource (Untrusted/Proxy) validation has been removed, you need to use the resource validator now:
    • Methods checkUntrustedResourceProxy and validateUntrustedResource from DataProviderInterface has been removed. Use DataProviderValidationAwareInterface::validateResource instead.
    • Methods checkUntrustedResourceProxy and validateUntrustedResource from ResourceValidatorInterface has been removed.
    • Class ProxyResource has been removed.
  • Logfile has been moved to symphony's default log base


  • Improve Logger #40

New Features

  • Introducing backend panel and HealthState #34
  • Provide inherited element dispatcher #42

DynamicSearch 1.x Upgrade Notes: