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Output Channel Filters / Actions




For most scenarios, especially when using an index provider bundle with existing output channel implementations, it is not required to create a new output channel if you want to modify the search behaviour (fields, boosting, etc.). Dynamic search offers the ability to modify the query by listening to actions.

Basic steps

  • create a service tagged with
    • name: dynamic_search.output_channel.modifier.action
    • output_channel_service_identifier: all to hook into all registered output channels, or the service identifier of one specific output channel.
    • action: the action (event) to which the modifier should listen. for valid action identifiers, check the docs of the package which is providing the output channel
      you are using (implementation of OutputChannelInterface), or search for $this->eventDispatcher->dispatchAction in the output channel implementation
    • priority: the priority, default 0
  • your modifier must implement OutputChannelModifierActionInterface
  • add your implementation for dispatchAction, e.g. modify the query in OutputModifierEvent


The following example shows how to modify the query in the SearchOutputChannel of the elastic search package:


            - { name: dynamic_search.output_channel.modifier.action, output_channel_service_identifier: all, action: post_query_build }



namespace App\DynamicSearch\OutputChannel\Action\Search;

use DynamicSearchBundle\Event\OutputModifierEvent;
use DynamicSearchBundle\OutputChannel\Allocator\OutputChannelAllocatorInterface;
use DynamicSearchBundle\OutputChannel\Modifier\OutputChannelModifierActionInterface;

class MySearchAction implements OutputChannelModifierActionInterface
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function dispatchAction(string $action, OutputChannelAllocatorInterface $outputChannelAllocator, OutputModifierEvent $event): OutputModifierEvent
        /** @var Search $query */
        $query = $event->getParameter('query');
        $term = $event->getParameter('term');
        $outputChannelName = $outputChannelAllocator->getOutputChannelName();

        if ($outputChannelName !== 'search') {
            return $event;
        if ($action !== 'post_query_build') {
            return $event;
        // modify query here, e.g. $query->addQuery(...) 

        $event->setParameter('query', $query);

        return $event;