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Output Channels

Output channels in general control how data is fetched, as well as the output of the retrieved data. The concept of output channels offers high flexibility since there's no limitation regarding the search index provider and how data is queried and output.




property description default
multiple wether this output channel is a composition of multiple search containers false
service service for the output channel. must implement OutputChannelInterface or MultiOutputChannelInterface, if multiple is true null
use_frontend_controller wether to use the SearchFrontendController for twig output, or the SearchController for json output false
view_name name of the view to use. only effective if use_frontend_controller is true MultiList if multiple is true, List otherwise.
runtime_query_provider service for query provider. must implement RuntimeQueryProviderInterface default
runtime_options_builder service for options builder. must implement RuntimeOptionsBuilderInterface default
internal for internal use false



options for the output channel go here



property description default
enabled wether paging is enabled false
adapter_class implementation to use for paging. must implement AdapterInterface DynamicSearchBundle\Paginator\Adapter\DynamicSearchAdapter
max_per_page max results per page 10


property description default
service service to use as normalizer for each document. Must implement DocumentNormalizerInterface null

Further reading

Check out the following implementations of OutputChannelInterface: