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Upgrade Notes

Version 4.1.4

  • [BUGFIX]: Fix link to translation list #359
  • [BUGFIX]: skip dependency if document is null @JHeimbach
  • [BUGFIX]: Check for valid success management configuration #299
  • [NEW FEATURE]: Add Mail-Log Filter to Email Channel #297
  • [NEW FEATURE]: Allow mapping of elements in fieldset container in Object Chanel @JHeimbach

Version 4.1.3

  • [BUGFIX]: Fix ignoreFields Assignment: Use CollectionType instead of ChoiceType #352

Version 4.1.2

  • [BUGFIX]: Rename overwitten $translator property in MailEditorController (Pimcore 10.5 compatibility). @vollborn
  • [BUGFIX]: Type mismatch in FormOptionsResolver fixed. #346
  • [BUGFIX]: Remove dummy csv generation loader @pascalmoser
  • [BUGFIX]: ConditionalLogic: Load form data from container fields @JHeimbach
  • [BUGFIX]: ConditionalLogic: Allow empty Validation field when removeAllValidations action is checked @JHeimbach
  • [BUGFIX]: Fix detectFormRuntimeDataInRequest null return @dpfaffenbauer
  • [BUGFIX]: Consider Pimcore Frontend FullPath for File Output @dpfaffenbauer
  • [BUGFIX]: E-Mail CSV Export contains data of several forms when their Output Workflows share the same title @anyMOTION-GRAPHICS
  • [ENHANCEMENT]: Add role="presentation" to honeypot field #333

Version 4.1.1

  • [BUGFIX]: Fix legacy fine uploader identifier

Version 4.1.0

  • [NEW FEATURE]: API Output channel #290
  • [NEW FEATURE]: API Output channel field transformer
  • [BUGFIX]: ensure migration of form configs will be symfony5 compatible @grizzlydotweb
  • [BUGFIX]: introduce output workflow signals: attachments not working with multiple channels #311
  • [BUGFIX]: fix typo in translation #312
  • [BUGFIX]: disable selectOnFocus #315
  • [BUGFIX]: ⚠️ add help text block to dynamic multi file. touched view: form/theme/type/dynamic_multi_file.html.twig #308
  • [BUGFIX]: ⚠️ multi file upload: hidden type _data not in form row. touched view: form/theme/type/dynamic_multi_file.html.twig #316

Version 4.0.2

  • [ENHANCEMENT] enable placeholder in cc and bcc field in email output workflow @frithjof

Version 4.0.1

  • [FEATURE] PIMCORE 10.2 Support

Migrating from Version 3.x to Version 4.0.0

⚠️ If you're still on version 2.x, you need to update to 3.x first, then migrate to 3.3. After that, you're able to update to ^4.0.

💀 Be careful while migrating to production! A lot of things (including form configuration) have changed and will break your installation if you're ignoring the migration guide below!


  • Execute bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --prefix 'FormBuilderBundle\Migrations' after you've installed FormBuilder
  • Remove var/bundles/FormBuilderBundle/forms if migration was successful

Global Changes

  • Deprecations have been removed:
    • FormBuilderBundle\Storage\Form needs to be FormBuilderBundle\Model\FormDefinition now
    • FormBuilderBundle\Storage\FormInterface needs to be FormBuilderBundle\Model\FormDefinitionInterface now
    • FormBuilderBundle\Storage\FormFieldSimpleInterface needs to be FormBuilderBundle\Model\FieldDefinitionInterface now
    • FormBuilderBundle\Manager\FormManager needs to be FormBuilderBundle\Manager\FormDefinitionManager now
    • FormBuilderBundle\Event\MailEvent has been removed, use FormBuilderBundle\Event\OutputWorkflow\ChannelSubjectGuardEvent instead
    • Method FormBuilderBundle\Assembler\FormAssembler::setFormOptionsResolver has been removed. FormBuilderBundle\Assembler\FormAssembler::assembleViewVars($optionsResolver) directly requires FormOptionsResolver now
    • CSV export types Only Admin-Mail and Only User-Mail (Copy) have been removed. Instead, you're now able to filter CSV export by available output workflows
    • Mail layout fallback feature has been removed (which was enabled if no workflows have been defined and have been stored in formbuilder_forms.mailLayout). Please migrate layouts to email channels. This column will be removed with FormBuilder 5.0
  • PHP8 return type declarations added: you may have to adjust your extensions accordingly
  • Email properties (mail_successfully_sent, mail_ignore_fields, mail_force_plain_text, mail_disable_default_mail_body) have been removed and won't be recognized anymore
  • Area-Brick Configuration does not allow sendMailTmplate and sendCopyMailTemplate fallbacks anymore. They must be configured by output workflows now
  • All Folders in views are lowercase/dashed now (common/redirect-flash-message.html.twig, email/form-data.html.twig, form/elements/dynamic-multi-file, form/presets, form/theme, ...)
  • If you have a custom email template, make sure that you're passing the body, editmode, document attributes to your email view template (@see \FormBuilderBundle\Controller::emailAction()). Also use {{ body|raw }} instead of %Text(body); inside your view template!
  • DropZoneAdapter has been declared to the new default Multi File Handler. You can switch back to FineUploader by changing the form_builder.dynamic_multi_file_adapter configuration node
  • All frontend javascript libraries have been removed from core. If you still want to use the jQuery extensions, please check out our jquery-pimcore-formbuilder repo

Conditional Logic Changes

  • ⚠️ Action Change Mail Behaviour has been removed. Use Switch Output Workflow Action instead.


  • Bootstrap Theme: Class form-control has been removed from dynamic multi file (see #253). You now need to set some style definitions by yourself
  • Fixes root meta validation #290

New Features

  • Conditional Logic Action Switch Output Workflow added
  • Configurable Html2Text Options
  • Yaml file storage migrated to Database storage
  • Import/Export Improvement: You're able to export/import the complete form dataset (form, workflows and channels)

FormBuilder 3.x Upgrade Notes: