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Conditional Logic

Use the conditional logic to hide/show fields, toggle classes, change validation and more, depending on given field values.


  • Include the conditional logic extension
  • Add the fb-cl-hide-element class with a display:none; property to your project style


Name Description Options
Element Value Select fields which should have a conditional logic Types: selected, greater than, less than, equal, is not, checked
Output Workflow Select output workflow to apply conditional logic All available form output workflows


Name Description Require Depending Fields Options
Toggle Visibility Change the visibility of one ore more fields. Yes State: Show, Hide
Add Validation Add one or more validations to fields. Yes Validation-Types: Drop-Down of given Validations
Remove Validation Remove one or more validations of fields. Yes All Types: remove all validations of selected fields
Change Value Change the value of one ore more fields. Yes Value: mixed
Fire JS-Event Fire custom javascript event of one ore more fields. Yes Event Name: string (only a-z0-9. chars)
Toggle Classes Toggle a Class of one ore more fields Yes Class Name: string
Toggle Availability Toggle a availability state Yes State: Enabled, Disabled
Switch Output Workflow Switch entire Output Workflow No None
Success Message Change Success Message (Warning! Use this action with caution. If there is no "Output Workflow" condition, this action will apply to all given output workflows of given form) No Type: Text, Snippet, Redirect to Document, Redirect to external Page