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Field Transformer

Field transformer can be used to transform fields by configuration.
For example this comes in handy if you're using the API Output Channel.


Service Registration

   autowire: true
   public: false
       - { name: form_builder.output_workflow.field_transform, identifier: phoneNumberTransformer }

Within the service, you're able to modify your value.


namespace AppBundle\FormBuilder\FieldTransformer;

use FormBuilderBundle\OutputWorkflow\FieldTransformerInterface;
use libphonenumber\PhoneNumberFormat;
use libphonenumber\PhoneNumberUtil;

class PhoneNumberTransformer implements FieldTransformerInterface
    public function getName(): string
        return 'Phone Number Transformer';

    public function getDescription(): ?string
        return 'Add your description here';

    public function transform($value, array $context): mixed
        $phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil::getInstance();
        $phoneInstance = $phoneUtil->parse($value, 'DE');
        return $phoneUtil->format($phoneInstance, PhoneNumberFormat::E164);