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Success Management

Each Output Workflow is able to process its own success workflow.


Simple Text

If you're adding a text type, the form is just returning the text value you could use for a output. "Thank you for your message" for example.


A Snippet could be useful if you need more output structure. FormBuilder will render the snippet and return its html data.

Redirect to Document

Use a document to get its path to perform a redirect for example.

Flash Messages on Redirect

If you're using Document as a success handler you're able to define a flash message.

To define a flash message you need to fill out the Flash Message below.

Flash Messages Implementation

Be sure you have included the twig template somewhere on top in your main layout:

{% include '@FormBuilder/Common/redirect_flash_message.html.twig' %}

Javascript Example

This is how your javascript listener could look like:

    function (ev, message, redirect, $form) {
        if (redirect) {
             document.location.href = redirect;
        } else {