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Upgrade Notes

Migrating from Version 3.x to Version 4.0

⚠️ If you're still on version 2.x or < 3.2.8, you need to update to 3.2.8 first, then migrate to 3.3. After that, you're able to update to ^4.0.

💀 I18n has changed fundamentally! Please be careful while migrating!

Please read the How I18n Works section before start migrating!

New default properties

You need to define the default scheme and port on every environment

    request_scheme: 'http'
    request_port: 80

New zone properties

            id: 1
                - ['www.test-domain2.test', 'https', 443]   # defined as array you're able to pass scheme and port
                - 'test-domain3.test'                       # still working, default values (i18n.request_scheme, i18n.request_port) will be selected

Global Changes

  • $staticRoute->assemble() is not supported anymore, you always need to call $router->generate():
    • Every PIMCORE LinkGenerator needs to implement the I18nLinkGeneratorInterface
    • You need to pass the _18n => [ type = RouteItemInterface::TYPE, routeParameters => [] ] block via $router->generate() (Or use RouteParameterBuilder for parameter building)
  • url(), path(), pimcore_url() twig helper are not supported, use i18n_entity_route(), i18n_static_route() and i18n_symfony_route() instead
  • Context Adapter and Manager have been removed (All corresponding information are available via I18nContextInterface directly)
  • PHP8 return type declarations added: you may have to adjust your extensions accordingly
  • LocaleProviderInterface changes:
    • Namespace changed from I18nBundle\Adapter\Locale to I18nBundle\Adapter\LocaleProvider
    • LocaleProviderInterface signatures changed:
      • ::setCurrentZoneConfig() removed
      • ::getLocaleData() removed
      • ::getActiveLocales(ZoneInterface $zone) signature changed
      • ::getDefaultLocale(ZoneInterface $zone) signature changed
      • ::getGlobalInfo(ZoneInterface $zone) signature changed
  • PathGeneratorInterface changes:
    • ::getUrl(I18nZoneInterface $zone, bool $onlyShowRootLanguages = false) signature changed
    • ::configureOptions(OptionsResolver $options) added
  • RedirectorBag Changes:
    • Options i18nType, document, documentLocale, documentCountry, defaultLocale removed. New zone option added.
  • Cache runtime variables i18n.locale, i18n.locale and i18n.locale has been removed. You can access them via $i18nContext->getLocaleDefinition() which will return model LocaleDefinitionInterface
  • Error Document Changes:
    • PIMCORE X is supporting localized error documents by default now, so there is no need to add custom logic anymore. Make sure that your error documents are defined in site configuration and/or system settings.
  • Context Switch Detector:
    • This Listener is now disabled by default and can be enabled by setting configuration node i18n.enable_context_switch_detector: true

Event Changes

  • AlternateStaticRouteEvent Event has been renamed to AlternateDynamicRouteEvent which also allows symfony routes now
    • Argument Changes:
      • ::getI18nList() has been removed. Use ::getAlternateRouteItems() instead
      • ::setRoutes() has been removed. Not required anymore
      • ::getRequestAttributes() has been removed. use ::getCurrentRouteAttributes() instead (returns simple array)
      • ::getCurrentStaticRoute() has been removed. use ::getCurrentRouteName() instead
      • ::getCurrentDocument() has been removed
      • ::getCurrentLanguage() has been removed
      • ::getCurrentCountry() has been removed
      • ::getType() has been added
      • ::getCurrentLocale() has been added
      • ::isCurrentRouteHeadless() has been added
      • ::getCurrentRouteName() has been added
      • ::getCurrentRouteAttributes() has been added
      • ::getCurrentRouteParameters() has been added


  • DetectorListener: Skip redirecting if request is frontend request by admin @lorextera

Additional new Features

  • Check Akamai CDN header @florian25686
  • Allow different I18nContext look-ups #70, read more about it here
  • Allow symfony routes #65

I18nBundle 3.x Upgrade Notes: