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href-lang Tags

The i18nBundle will handle the href lang tags for you which are very important for search engines.


It's very important that you connect your localized documents using the pimcore localization service.

Note: If you're not localizing your documents, no href lang tags will be generated, which will lead to a negative impact on your SEO strategies. There is, however, some magic if you're using the country mode.

Localization Connector: There's a dedicated help document we wrote for you to get all the knowledge for heroic document localization!


i18n will generate a x-default link, based on default values:

Default Locale Workflow

  • First, the i18nBundle will search for the default_locale config.
  • If not defined, the default system locale will be used
  • If not defined, NULL will be returned (which means, no x-default tag)

Note: It's possible to override the getDefaultLocale() method within a custom locale adapter.

Important: Be sure that your defined default locale is valid (in current zone). Otherwise, no x-default tag will be generated.

Static Routes

If you're using static routes, please read this to enable href-lang tags for dynamic routes.