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Front Page Mapping

Sometimes you want to clone a page and expand it with some country information. For example:

- /en
    - about-us
    - team
- /en-us -> that's your hardlink with a en_US locale. 

Note: Learn how to implement a country site based on hardlinks by clicking here.

Now you have a brand new shiny website. If you open the /en-us/team page, it will automatically load the content from /en/team. That's nice. If you want to override the team content you just need to copy your /en/team into the /en-us/ tree. Now you're good to go to add some additional content.

But what if you want to override the front page content? That's a tricky one since en-us is just a hardlink.

i18n to the rescue

Just add a new (document) property named front_page_map to your hardlink and assign a custom document. Also disable the inheritance option for this property. You can leave the document unpublished, so it stays private.

This property should be available in your predefined properties since it gets automatically installed.

Just navigate to /en-us front page again and you'll see the new content.