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Canonical Links

If you're using hardlinks as country wrapper, there is something you need to know: Pimcore automatically adds a canonical link to each request header, if a page is wrapped into a hardlink.


Document: `/en/news`
HardLink: `/en-us` (source path would be `/en`)

Since the news document only exists in /en, pimcore adds a canonical link to avoid duplicate content - which is perfectly fine. So if you're going to check the page /en-us/news, there should be a canonical relation like this:

HTTP/2 200 
link: <>; rel="canonical"

But in this case, we want to remove the canonical link because we need country specific content and we'll tell search engines about the references via href-lang tags anyway. So the i18nBundle will remove this canonical tag automatically for you. If you check your http request after installing this bundle, the canonical link will be gone.

Oh no!

But! What if you have some hardlinks inside the country site? For Example:

Document: `/en-us/products/demo`
HardLink: `/en-us/special-products` (source path would be `/en-us/products`)

Don't worry. Just check the header for /en-us/special-products/demo, the canonical relation is still available. The I18nBundle only checks hardlinks on root (/), since that's the only place where country based hardlinks makes sense.

HTTP/2 200 
link: <>; rel="canonical"