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Google For Jobs Connector

This Connector allows you to push your Job Changes to the Google Index API in realtime also generating a schema block the detail page of your job object. Before you start be sure you've checked out the Setup Instructions.


First things first. To use this connector, you have to install some dependencies:

Dependencies Configuration

Make sure the pimcore_element_watcher.enabled: true for the SeoBundle is enabled. Otherwise no object will be transmitted to the Google Index API after modification/deletion.

Example Configuration

This is a example Configuration.

Each Connector needs some Items Resolver (Find the right object for the right context) and a single Item Transformer (Transform your object into a valid schema block in this case).

    data_class: Job
        -   connector_name: google
            connector_item_transformer: App\Transformer\GoogleItemTransformer
                -   type: seo_queue
                -   type: pimcore_object

Item Resolver

The Google For Jobs Workflow is a tricky one. We need multiple resolver because there are two endpoints within its workflow. The first one (seo_queue) needs to submit the object (Multiple times, based selected context definitions) to the google index api. The second one (pimcore_object) on the other hand only allows a single object - but may has to match with the given locale / host.

Some items resolver does have some configurable options. Read more about all items resolver here.

Item Transformer

In our example we have a service class called App\Transformer\GoogleItemTransformer. Every Item Transformer has its own logic as you can see here:


namespace App\Transformer;

use Carbon\Carbon;
use JobsBundle\Context\ResolvedItemInterface;
use JobsBundle\Transformer\ItemTransformerDefinitionInterface;
use JobsBundle\Transformer\ItemTransformerInterface;
use Pimcore\Model\DataObject\MyJobClass;
use Spatie\SchemaOrg\Graph;
use Spatie\SchemaOrg\Place;
use Spatie\SchemaOrg\Schema;

class GoogleItemTransformer implements ItemTransformerInterface
    public function transform(ResolvedItemInterface $item, ItemTransformerDefinitionInterface $itemTransformerDefinition): void
        /** @var MyJobClass $subject */
        $subject = $item->getSubject();

        /** @var Graph $graph */
        $graph = $itemTransformerDefinition->getGraph();

        $contextDefinition = $item->getContextItem()->getContextDefinition();
        $locale = $contextDefinition->getLocale();



    protected function getJobLocation(MyJobClass $job): Place
        return Schema::place()


You're done. Go to your job object and enable all required context definitions.