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Pimcore 5.x Website Indexer (powered by Zend Search Lucene)
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Pimcore 5 Lucene Search

lucenesearch crawler


  • Pimcore 5.

Pimcore 4

Get the Pimcore4 Version here.


  1. Add code below to your composer.json
  2. Activate & install it through the ExtensionManager
"require" : {
    "dachcom-digital/lucene-search" : "~2.1.0"


To enable LuceneSearch, add those lines to your AppBundle/Resources/config/pimcore/config.yml:

    enabled: true

A complete setup could look like this:

    enabled: true
    fuzzy_search_results: false
    search_suggestion: true
        - ''
            - '@^*@i'
        max_per_page: 10
        content_max_size: 4
        content_start_indicator: '<!-- main-content -->'
        content_end_indicator: '<!-- /main-content -->'

You need to add the config parameter to your config.yml to override the default values. Execute this command to get some information about all the config elements of LuceneSearch:

# configuration about all config parameters
$ bin/console config:dump-reference LuceneSearchBundle

# configuration info about the "fuzzy_search_results" parameter
$ bin/console config:dump-reference LuceneSearchBundle fuzzy_search_results

We also added a detailed documentation about all possible config values.


  • Maintenance driven indexing
  • Auto Complete
  • Restricted Documents & Usergroups (member plugin recommended but not required)


The crawler Engine will start automatically every night by default. Please check that the pimcore default maintenance script is properly installed.

Command Line Command
If you want to start the crawler manually, use this command:

$ php bin/console lucenesearch:crawl -f -v
command short command type description
force -f force crawler start sometimes the crawler stuck because of a critical error mostly triggered because of wrong configuration. use this command to force a restart
verbose -v show some logs good for debugging. you'll get some additional information about filtered and forbidden links while crawling.


You'll find some logs from the last crawl in your backend (at the bottom on the LuceneSearch settings page). Of course you'll also find some logs in your var/logs folder. Note: please enable the debug mode in pimcore settings to get all types of logs.

Further Information

Copyright and license

For licensing details please visit

Upgrade Info

Before updating, please check our upgrade notes!

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