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File metadata and controls

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Registration Types

You can choose between three types of registration completion:

Confirm by Mail

Name: confirm_by_mail

This is the default value.

After registration the user will receive a confirmation mail with a confirmation url. By clicking on that link the user gets automatically activated.

If send_admin_mail_after_register is enabled, the system will send a notification mail to a defined admin.

Confirm By Admin

Name: confirm_by_admin

After registration the user has to wait until a authorized admin activates the user in backend.

If send_user_mail_after_confirmed is enabled, the system will send a notification mail to user.

Confirm Instant

Name: confirm_instant

After registration the user gets automatically logged in without any further actions.


Add those lines to your config/config.yaml:

    # choose between 'confirm_by_mail', 'confirm_by_admin', 'confirm_instant'
    post_register_type: 'confirm_by_mail' 
    #optional: see "Confirm by Mail"
    send_admin_mail_after_register: false
    #optional: see "Confirm By Admin"
    send_user_mail_after_confirmed: false

Registration Types with SSO

If you're using the SSO feature, you may want to define some independent mail workflows. If Members detects an SSO registration process, you're able to define the registration type via the post_register_type_oauth flag.

*Attention: SSO registration types only works if activation_type has been set to complete_profile.

They work the same as above, however confirm_instant is the default value:

    # choose between 'confirm_by_mail', 'confirm_by_admin', 'confirm_instant'
    post_register_type_oauth: 'confirm_instant'