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Upgrade Notes


  • [BUGFIX]: Fix exception Type of NewsBundle\Controller\Admin\SettingsController::$translator must not be defined @georgringer
  • [BUGFIX]: Fix Attempted to load class Versions from namespace PackageVersions @georgringer


  • [BUGFIX]: fix event constant NEWS_EDITABLE_DIALOG
  • [BUGFIX]: fixed imports for Pimcore\Twig\Extension\Templating\Placeholder\Container @rliebe


  • [BUGFIX]: fix otherElementsExists method: allow null for parameter $id @pascalmoser


  • [BUGFIX]: missing service subscriber for EntryController @pascalmoser


  • [BUGFIX]: catch class not found exception during installation @MyZik

Migrating from Version 2.x to Version 3.0.0

Global Changes

  • PHP8 return type declarations added: you may have to adjust your extensions accordingly
  • View Areas/news/edit_custom.html.twig has been removed. Use Event \NewsBundle\NewsEvents::NEWS_EDITABLE_DIALOG instead
  • It is no longer possible to toggle editable configuration based on given values.

News 2.x Upgrade Notes: