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Column Adjuster

This Feature is so damn hot, it even has its own documentation page!

To enable this feature, you need to add this to your toolbox configuration:

            grid_size: 12
                    identifier: 'xs'
                    name: 'Breakpoint: XS'
                    description: 'Your Description'
                    identifier: 'sm'
                    name: 'Breakpoint: SM'
                    description: 'Your Description'
                    identifier: 'md'
                    name: 'Breakpoint: MD'
                    description: 'Your Description'
                    identifier: 'lg'
                    name: 'Breakpoint: LG'
                    description: 'Your Description'


Name Type Description
grid_size integer Max Grid Columns (Default 12 in Bootstrap)
breakpoints array Your Grid Breakpoints. Important (!): The Column Adjuster is mobile first! Always start your array with the smallest breakpoint! Otherwise the automatic class inheritance won't work!