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userscript to scrape FreeCodeCamp pages for pasting progress into spreadsheets
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This script takes a newline-delimited list of FreeCodeCamp profile URLs and returns a report on their progress as a newline-delimited list of tab-delimited percentages.


  1. Install Tampermonkey.
  2. Navigate to the Utilities tab in Tampermonkey options.
  3. Paste the following address into the input marked "URL" and click "Import"
  4. Confirm the installation.



Note: This script sends a request for all these URLs essentially at the same time, so and hasn't been tested for more than ~30 at a time. Too many more and their serers might not appreciate it.

  1. Copy a spreadsheet column (or newline-separated list) of URLs to be scraped to the clipboard.
    • empty cells / lines are okay and will be preserved on paste.
  2. Invoke the script via the Tampermonkey menu.
  3. A prompt should come up. Paste the addresses into the prompt and submit it.
  4. At this point, it will start retrieving results.
  5. A notification should appear to let you know the process is complete. When this happens select the top-left destination cell and paste the result.

Misc. Notes

The main functionality is in bulk-fcc-progress.js.

fcc-progress.js scrapes a single profile and must be run directly from that page.

This was developed and tested using Tampermonkey and Chrome 60. YMMV.

The lessons are currently hard-coded in the files. This can be pulled dynamically in the future, but they don't seem to change too often.

Also, it's a web scraper, which is likely to break at some point when they change their website, but that's okay, becuase the next version will probably use an API,

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