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A simple Campfire to Jabber bridge

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Firejab is a simple gem for connecting Campfire to Jabber. All communication is through a Jabber (or gchat) user.


All Firejab needs to function is the site and room id for Campfire, and authentication information for both Campfire and Jabber. It just takes two lines to run the bot:

c =
  :domain   => campfire_domain,
  :room_id  => campfire_room_id,
  :token    => campfire_token,
  :jabber => {
    :username => jabber_email,
    :password => jabber_password

The first time a user communicates with Firejab, it will request an authentication token. If you would like to add one manually (for testing purposes), there's a public add_token method:

c.add_token(jabber_email, campfire_token)


  • Persistent store of user authentication information
  • Support for multiple rooms or rooms defined by user
  • Verify that token is valid and lookup user data Eventually will probably have to make a CampfireUser class to handle this easily/gracefully
  • Make HTTP requests within EventMachine async
  • Presence notifications
  • Utility commands like /who
  • Properly handle subscription requests
  • Error handling/reconnects
  • Jabber disconnects when I send this: "I can probably dig up the old VB code... ;)"

Proposed Schema

| jabber_username | campfire_token | campfire_uid | campfire_name |

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