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* Copyright 2013 David Crosson
* Licensed under the GPL, Version 2.0
package fr.janalyse.primes
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
import java.util.concurrent.{ Executors, ThreadPoolExecutor, TimeUnit }
import scala.concurrent.forkjoin.ForkJoinPool
import org.scalatest.Matchers._
class IsPrimesTest extends PrimesTestCommons {
//val ec =
val fec = ExecutionContext.fromExecutor(new ForkJoinPool())
val tec = ExecutionContext.fromExecutorService(Executors.newCachedThreadPool())
test("isPrimePara tests") {
val gen = new PrimesGenerator[Int]
import gen._
val monos = integers.filter(isPrime(_)).take(100).toList
val paras = integers.filter(isPrimePara(_)).take(100).toList
paras should equal(monos)
test("isPrime mono versus parallel tests") {
val gen = new PrimesGenerator[BigInt]
import gen._
val howmany = 10000
val mono = integers.filter(isPrime(_))
howlongfor(howmany)(mono.drop)(p=>s"serial processing, highest prime found $p")
val para1 = integers.filter(isPrimePara(_)(fec))
howlongfor(howmany)(para1.drop)(p=>s"parallel processing, highest prime found $p (ForkJoinPool)")
val para2 = integers.filter(isPrimePara(_)(tec))
howlongfor(howmany)(para2.drop)(p=>s"parallel processing, highest prime found $p (CachedThreadPool)")
test("very big prime test") {
val gen = new PrimesGenerator[BigInt]
import gen._
//val bigone = BigInt("17436553453233413033")
//val bigone = BigInt("174364130192343257")
val bigone = BigInt("17436413019234331") // smaller is faster for the test to execute
howlongfor(bigone)(isPrime(_))(x=> s"sequential isPrime") should be(true)
howlongfor(bigone)(isPrimePara(_)(fec))(x=> s"parallel isPrime (ForkJoinPool)") should be(true)
howlongfor(bigone)(isPrimePara(_)(tec))(x=> s"parallel isPrime (CachedThreadPool)") should be(true)