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#Drools & Scala usage example

$ sbt test
$ sbt run
$ sbt universal:packageBin

Some advices :

  • don't use fat jar with drools, switch to sbt-native-packager
  • Scala case classes are perfect for your rules
  • Use only java collections within the classes used by your rules. Avoid the scala collections in that precise case but rely on collection.JavaConversions._ implicits to hide that restriction.
  • In knowledge bases only use declarative classes (declare) for internal usage, such as intermediary reasoning state.
  • To change the java compiler used by drools, use the following system property : "". It will replace ECJ by Apache Janino, but you will have to provide the dependency yourself : "org.codehaus.janino" % "janino" % "2.5.16" (Use only this release, at least up to Drools 6.4.0.Final, to be check again later)