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@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ <h4 name="title"> Linux Systems Administrator <time> June 2008 </time> <time> A
<li> <h3 name="Employer"> Global Velocity </h3>
- <h4 name="title"> Intern <time>May 2009 </time> <time>August 2009 </time> </h4>
+ <h4 name="title"> Intern <time>May 2010 </time> <time>August 2010 </time> </h4>
<li> Tested product end user features using wireshark</li>
<li> Designed, tested and debugged Python subsystem </li>
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ <h4 name="title"> Student Worker <time> July 2007 </time> <time> June 2008</time
<li><h3 name="Employer"> Saint Louis University, TechInterns (The student managed division of ITS) </h3>
- <h4 name="title" >Server Design/Support team <time>July 2006</time><time> August 2006 </time></h4>
+ <h4 name="title" >Server Design/Support team <time>July 2006</time><time> August 2007 </time></h4>
<li>Created and managed user accounts for ZenWorks Windows installation </li>
<li>Tracked and escalated issues with RemedyWeb </li>

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