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Django Alkemy app

Part of the Brothers in Games project

Brothers in Games is a set of apps for miniature games and gamers. The Alkemy Companion (available on Android) helps Alkemy players to access all their favorite game stats.

All the game data are published online so the mobile app can update its information in (nearly) real time. This Django app was created to manage a data repository. Using Django model management and admin forms framework, the repository management is easy to setup.

App features

The model module provides the model of Alkemy profiles. The admin module provides all the management forms for the data.

What is not in this app

This app was not created to provide a user interface, there is no views, templates or URLs. So, there is no Architekt like feature.

Even if this app was created to sync this repository with remote services, those features are not provided. The main reason is because such a service should not be part of this kind of app. This is a data management app and should focus on that feature. Sync or any other data manipulation for another service is part of a dedicated technical app.

For legal reasons, there are no game data in this sources (I have no ownership on those).

Why is this app published in Open Source

There are two main reasons

  • I try to make this a clean example of a Django app, even if it is only a backend.
  • Models and game mechanics are always the harder to define. Anyone wanting to create an Alkemy web service can clone this app and focus on the interfaces and services provided.

Getting started

I assume that you have at least some basic Python knowledge.

First, clone this app anywhere you want. Keep it away of your Django project so it will be easier to manage the separate history. Then, create a virtualenv, add Django and add the path to this app.

mkvirtualenv figAppEnv
pip install django
add2virtualenv /home/user/opensource/BiG-Alkemy-django

This is it, you are all set. You can now create your project and add the app to the list.

Current version does not include the migrations, make sure to run them.


Alkemy is a game published by Alchemist Miniatures, Dad 3.0 and Brothers in Games are not affiliated to Alchemist Miniatures.

For french readers, a blog post will be published soon.

You can get the Alkemy Companion for Android