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Synth Quiz

dedicated to all synthesizers and electronic music lovers!

Synth Quiz is a game for Android modeled after the various logo/movies/cars/whatever quiz that are so abundant in the Play Store. if you ever played one of those, you should be familiar. if you didn't, the super-short explanation is: try to guess the maker and the model of the synth you see in the picture.

for APK direct download, screenshots etc. please go to:


all synthesizers and instruments are trademark of the respective owners.

I used images downloaded from the net, trying to avoid watermarked images or sources that clearly stated copyrighted materials. nonetheless, it is possible that I used some images without the necessary permission. if you have issue with some image, please get in contact with me and you can have it removed.


this is an Eclipse project, you will need to have the Android Development Kit (ADK) and the ADT Plugin for Eclipse installed.

there are a few helper scripts, like makedrawables or makedb, which will require additional software (perl, ImageMagick, pngnq, SQLite).

PLEASE NOTE: the example data provided only contain one synth. the whole game data is not included in the source code release, in order to not spoil the fun. if you are interested in contributing, contact me and I will share the database and image files used.


Synth Quiz is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0: