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Robust Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning via Minimax Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient

This is the code for implementing the M3DDPG (mmmaddpg) algorithm. The code is modified from

For Multi-Agent Particle Environments (MPE) installation, please refer to

  • To run the code, cd into the experiments directory and run

python --scenario simple

  • You can replace simple with any environment in the MPE you'd like to run.

Command-line options

Environment options

  • --scenario: defines which environment in the MPE is to be used (default: "simple")

  • --max-episode-len maximum length of each episode for the environment (default: 25)

  • --num-episodes total number of training episodes (default: 60000)

  • --num-adversaries: number of adversaries in the environment (default: 0)

  • --good-policy: algorithm used for the 'good' (non adversary) policies in the environment (default: "maddpg"; options: {"mmmaddpg", "maddpg", "ddpg"})

  • --adv-policy: algorithm used for the adversary policies in the environment (default: "maddpg"; options: {"mmmaddpg", "maddpg", "ddpg"})

Core training parameters

  • --lr: learning rate (default: 1e-2)

  • --gamma: discount factor (default: 0.95)

  • --batch-size: batch size (default: 1024)

  • --num-units: number of units in the MLP (default: 64)

  • --adv-eps: adversarial rate against competitors

  • --adv-eps-s: adversarial rate against collaborators

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