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DaDaPush Client For Haskell
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Auto-Generated OpenAPI Bindings to DaDaPushPublic

The library in lib provides auto-generated-from-OpenAPI bindings to the DaDaPushPublic API.


Installation follows the standard approach to installing Stack-based projects.

  1. Install the Haskell stack tool.
  2. Run stack install to install this package.

Otherwise, if you already have a Stack project, you can include this package under the packages key in your stack.yaml:

- location:
    commit: somecommit

Main Interface

The main interface to this library is in the DaDaPushPublic.API module, which exports the DaDaPushPublicBackend type. The DaDaPushPublicBackend type can be used to create and define servers and clients for the API.

Creating a Client

A client can be created via the createDaDaPushPublicClient function, which will generate a function for every endpoint of the API. Then these functions can be invoked with runDaDaPushPublicClientWithManager or more conveniently with callDaDaPushPublicClient (depending if you want an Either back or you want to catch) to access the API endpoint they refer to, if the API is served at the url you specified.

For example, if localhost:8080 is serving the DaDaPushPublic API, you can write:

{-# LANGUAGE RecordWildCards #-}

import DaDaPushPublic.API as API

import           Network.HTTP.Client     (newManager)
import           Network.HTTP.Client.TLS (tlsManagerSettings)
import           Servant.Client          (ClientEnv, mkClientEnv, parseBaseUrl)

main :: IO ()
main = do
  -- Configure the BaseUrl for the client
  url <- parseBaseUrl ""

  -- You probably want to reuse the Manager across calls, for performance reasons
  manager <- newManager tlsManagerSettings

  -- Create the client (all endpoint functions will be available)
  DaDaPushPublicBackend{..} <- API.createDaDaPushPublicClient

  -- Any DaDaPushPublic API call can go here, e.g. here we call `getSomeEndpoint`
  API.callDaDaPushPublic (mkClientEnv manager url) getSomeEndpoint

Creating a Server

In order to create a server, you must use the runDaDaPushPublicServer function. However, you unlike the client, in which case you got a DaDaPushPublicBackend from the library, you must instead provide a DaDaPushPublicBackend. For example, if you have defined handler functions for all the functions in DaDaPushPublic.Handlers, you can write:

{-# LANGUAGE RecordWildCards #-}

import DaDaPushPublic.API

-- A module you wrote yourself, containing all handlers needed for the DaDaPushPublicBackend type.
import DaDaPushPublic.Handlers

-- Run a DaDaPushPublic server on
main :: IO ()
main = do
  let server = DaDaPushPublicBackend{..}
      config = Config ""
  runDaDaPushPublicServer config server
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