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DaDaPush Client For Kotlin
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com.dadapush.client - Kotlin client library for DaDaPush Public API


  • Kotlin 1.3.41
  • Gradle 5.0


First, create the gradle wrapper script:

gradle wrapper

Then, run:

./gradlew check assemble

This runs all tests and packages the library.

Features/Implementation Notes

  • Supports JSON inputs/outputs, File inputs, and Form inputs.
  • Supports collection formats for query parameters: csv, tsv, ssv, pipes.
  • Some Kotlin and Java types are fully qualified to avoid conflicts with types defined in OpenAPI definitions.
  • Implementation of ApiClient is intended to reduce method counts, specifically to benefit Android targets.

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DaDaPushMessageApi createMessage POST /api/v1/message push Message to a Channel
DaDaPushMessageApi deleteMessage DELETE /api/v1/message/{messageId} delete a Channel Message
DaDaPushMessageApi getMessage GET /api/v1/message/{messageId} get a Channel Message
DaDaPushMessageApi getMessages GET /api/v1/messages get Message List

Documentation for Models

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