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DaDaPush Client For Objc
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DaDaPush: Real-time Notifications App

Send real-time notifications through our API without coding and maintaining your own app for iOS or Android devices.

This ObjC package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: v1
  • Package version:
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.ObjcClientCodegen For more information, please visit


The SDK requires ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) to be enabled in the Xcode project.

Installation & Usage

Install from Github using CocoaPods

Add the following to the Podfile:

pod 'DaDaPushClient', :git => ''

To specify a particular branch, append , :branch => 'branch-name-here'

To specify a particular commit, append , :commit => '11aa22'

Install from local path using CocoaPods

Put the SDK under your project folder (e.g. /path/to/objc_project/Vendor/DaDaPushClient) and then add the following to the Podfile:

pod 'DaDaPushClient', :path => 'Vendor/DaDaPushClient'


Import the following:

#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushApiClient.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushDefaultConfiguration.h>
// load models
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushAction.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushMessageObject.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushMessagePushRequest.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushMessagePushResponse.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushPageResponseOfMessageObject.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushResult.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushResultOfMessageObject.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushResultOfMessagePushResponse.h>
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushResultOfPageResponseOfMessageObject.h>
// load API classes for accessing endpoints
#import <DaDaPushClient/DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi.h>


It's recommended to create an instance of ApiClient per thread in a multi-threaded environment to avoid any potential issues.

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

DaDaPushMessagePushRequest* *body = [[DaDaPushMessagePushRequest alloc] init]; // body
NSString* *xChannelToken = @"xChannelToken_example"; // see: (optional)

DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi *apiInstance = [[DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi alloc] init];

// push Message to a Channel
[apiInstance createMessageWithBody:body
              completionHandler: ^(DaDaPushResultOfMessagePushResponse* output, NSError* error) {
                            if (output) {
                                NSLog(@"%@", output);
                            if (error) {
                                NSLog(@"Error: %@", error);

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi createMessage POST /api/v1/message push Message to a Channel
DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi deleteMessage DELETE /api/v1/message/{messageId} delete a Channel Message
DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi getMessage GET /api/v1/message/{messageId} get a Channel Message
DaDaPushDaDaPushMessageApi getMessages GET /api/v1/messages get Message List

Documentation For Models


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