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Jenkins Dadapush Notification Plugin
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DaDaPush plugin for Jenkins

Based on Mattermost plugin:

Includes Jenkins Pipeline support as of version 2.0:

dadapushSend title:"test title", content:"test content"

dadapushSend title:"test title", content:"test content", failOnError:true, channelToken:"ctXXXXXX", basePath:""

Jenkins Instructions

  1. go to DaDaPush, sign in or register an account.
  2. create new channel, save your channel token.
  3. Install this plugin on your Jenkins server
  4. Add it as a Post-build action in your Jenkins job.

Developer instructions

Install Maven and JDK.

Run unit tests

mvn test

Run findbugs:

mvn findbugs:check

Create an HPI file to install in Jenkins (HPI file will be in target/dadapush.hpi).

mvn package
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