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Welcome to this repository

PonziLand was created because it was becoming pretty hard to keep track of all these EthPyramid clones, especially when most of them has no front-end.

Here it is, in all its glory. It has pretty much all the features I wanted, and honestly, I am too lazy to continue the development too much.

Some features requested by the community:

  1. Better design

  2. Display ratio of user's tokens / token supply - but the table is pretty thick already, maybe move all the action buttons (buy, sell, withdraw, reinvest, get out) into a single drop-down-column?

  3. New web-chat, the current one is crap - something like the current one, so sending messages is instant and doesn't refresh the page

  4. Replace pump of the day with something more rare, choose a random token from the low-balance ones, advertise it for 3/6 hours and then have a 3/6 hours cooldown before the next pump starts.

  5. Add a changelog at the bottom of the page

If you fix some bug or implement one of these features (or something completely new that you/someone on discord came up with), then feel free to add your name, description of your changes and a donate link to the bottom of the page. Send a pull request and if its good, I will add it to the main page.

Thanks - Dadas


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