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This library provides clean and powerful mapping between Java POJOs and MongoDB DBObject.


  • Just 2 methods of API for mapping to and from
  • No annotations, no factories, just POJOs all the way
  • Full support of Java collections: Maps, Lists, Sets
  • Full support of polymorphism: generified collections containing different subclasses, complex beans containing polymorphic attributes
  • Convenient template for DAO classes

Using raw converter API

import com.mongodb.*;
import net.karmafiles.ff.core.tool.dbutil.converter.Converter;


MyTopLevelEntity entity = ...
// here the graph of objects is created, starting from top-level entity

Mongo m = new Mongo("localhost", 27017);
DB db = m.getDB("mydb1");
DBCollection coll = db.getCollection("testCollection");

// convert entitiy to MongoDB DBObject

DBObject dbObject = Converter.toDBObject(entity);;

// restore entity from MongoDB DBObject
DBObject newDbObject = coll.findOne();
MyTopLevelEntity newEntity = Converter.toObject(MyTopLevelEntity.class, newDbObject);

More examples in test directory under ...converter.test package.

Using DAO template

import net.karmafiles.ff.core.tool.dbutil.ConnectionImpl;
import net.karmafiles.ff.core.tool.dbutil.daohelper.DaoHelper;

import java.util.Date;

public class JobDao<T> extends DaoHelper<T> {

    // provide some method of getting a connection to MongoDB
    // e.g. Spring @Autowire

    private ConnectionImpl connection;

    public ConnectionImpl getConnection() {
        return connection;

    public void setConnection(ConnectionImpl connection) {
        this.connection = connection;

    // custom find method
    public List<Job> findNewJobs() {

        BasicDBObject query = new BasicDBObject();
        query.put("state", JobState.NOT_STARTED.toString());
        DBCursor c = getDbCollection().find(query);

        List<Job> jobs = new ArrayList<Job>();
        while (c.hasNext()) {
        return jobs;


    // custom update method
    public Job update(Job entity) {
        Job oldJob = get(entity.get_id());
        if (oldJob.getModified().after(entity.getModified())) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Job " + entity.get_id() + " copy in the database is newer than in request, can't update");
        return super.update(entity);


More examples in TestEntityDaoTest.


In order to prevent endless looping in some polymorhpic cases, Converter.toObject() creates a clean bean copy:

PropertyUtils.copyProperties(copyObject, newObject);

This is rather a kludge than a proper solution.

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