PHP library for interacting with the Crowdflower API v1
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PHP Crowdflower API integration.

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There are examples of every method of interacting with the CrowdFlower API in the examples folder. The tests are almost at full coverage. I use this package daily and it has been reliable. In order to run the tests yourself you will need to replace the API key in tests/fixtures with your own API key.


Add to composer.json

  "dadeg/php-crowdflower": "0.1.*"

Update composer for existing projects

  composer update dadeg/php-crowdflower

Composer install for new projects

  composer install

Getting Started

use CrowdFlower\Account;
$crowd = new Account($apiKey);

Getting existing Jobs

// get list of ten most recent jobs from account
$jobs = $crowd->getJobs();

// get list of ten jobs from account starting at page 2
$jobs = $crowd->getJobs(2);

// get job by job id
$job = $crowd->getJob($jobId);

Creating new Jobs

// create empty job
$job = $crowd->createJob();

// create job with job info
$job = $crowd->createJob(array(
    "title" => "A brand new job",
    "instructions" => "Follow these rules..."

// jobs can also be created from a copy of an existing job
$jobCopy = $crowd->getJob($jobId)->copy();

Adding Units

// create units from array
$units = $job->createUnits(array (
  array ("data" => array('column1' => 'value', 'column2' => 'value')),
  array ("data" => array('column1' => 'value2', 'column2' => 'value2'))

// units can also be created individually
$unit = $job->createUnit(array('data' => array('column1' => 'value', 'column2' => 'value')));

Adding Orders

// jobs can create orders
$order = $job->createOrder($numberOfUnits, $channels);


When attributes are updated via the setAttribute() method, the changes are tracked and only those are sent to CrowdFlower when an update is made.

The Request object is passed as a dependency in order to properly run tests.