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A starting Python-Flask web app template with accompanying guide
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This is meant to be an open-source template for Flask applications. Flask is an amazing framework because it 's so simple and minimal. It's a great way learn web development as you have to build all the scaffolding that Rails and other frameworks build for you. However, assembling the many helpful Flask modules can be a real chore. Flaskinni helps by bundling many of these resources. It's intended to serve as a starting point for students who have been studying Flask and are now ready to start a larger project.


  1. Create a virtual environment and once activated, pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Install postgresql on your machine, create a database (you can name it whatever you'd like but you'll need to enter the name into your file). Note your admin account's username and password
  3. Create a file as well as a .env file based off the examples in the documentation
  4. flask run


Example of combining Flask-Security and Flask-Admin by Steve Saporta - April 15, 2014 Bootstrap Bootstrap Template Flask

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