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Simple CRUD app implemented with React, Redux, Redux-Saga & Redux-Form.
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This is an Expenses app.


The app is divided to two root directories which are essentially independent from each other. The purpose is to separate the back-end logic from front end. This also allows us to serve the static front end files from any static CDN like github-pages. While the back-end API could be served from your own servers.

Consult with the Readme files for front-end and back-end in their respective folders.

Checkout the live app here. Use credentials below to see the app in action with different user permissions.

  • Admin
    • email:
    • password: admin-expenses
  • User Manager
    • email:
    • password: manager-expenses
  • Regular User
    • email:
    • password: user-expenses

You can also browse the REST API here.

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