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For our final project for CS89, Human Computer Interaction, we tried to revamp the Dartmouth meal site, which is located at Our goal was to make a mobile app that would solve all of the UX/UI problems that the current site had, especially when accessing it on mobile, and also combine all dining information into a useful format.

One of the major contributions I made to the project was fully building out this app. Note that this app was constructed as a proof of concept, and is not fully functional. For example, it currently doesn't pull the food data from the working site, despite having a hidden API that I could have leveraged. Additionally, ideally I would've created a function that would guess at how full the different dining locations were based on measured data for a few weeks. However, in the PoC, that data is randomly generated on application open.

The .apk is also compiled and can be downloaded, along with screenshots of the app.


Home Page

Clicking on the "FOCO" button takes you to the "Foco Main Page".

Foco Main Page

Clicking "Search Menu" will show all of the menu items in a searchable, scrollable list, and displays nutritional information by tapping on any of the food items.

Nutritional Information for Green Peas

Going back to the "Foco Main Page", and clicking on "Make a New Meal" will take you to this page, where you can choose items to add to a meal, and it will keep track of all the health statistics of your constructed meal, including calories, total fat, and protein. You can also save it for later use.

Meal Construction Page

The "Load a Meal" button will allow you to load a meal from previously saved options.

Loading a Meal

  • Java
    • Android Development

Created by Alex Beals © 2015


Final Project for CS89 - Human Computer Interaction





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