An API for interfacing with Dartmouth's nutritional database
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Dartmouth Nutrition

This was a rough outline of a reverse engineered NodeJS API for, Dartmouth's nutrition website. Currently it allows you to:

  • Get a list of locations
  • Get a list of menus (i.e. Ma Thayer's, etc)
  • Get a list of times (i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, etc)
  • Get all of the items for a combination of menu and time (i.e. Ma Thayer's for Lunch)
  • For each item, get
    • Sub ingredients
    • Nutrition information
    • Allergen information

You can see the rough outline of making these calls below.

const handler = new NutritionHandler();

const locations = await handler.getLocations();
await handler.connect(locations[0]);

const menus = await handler.getMenus();
const times = await handler.getTimes();
const menu = await handler.chooseMenu(menus[0].menu_id, getTimes[1].meal_id);

const item = menu.items[0];
const subIngredients = await item.getSubIngredients();
const nutrition = await item.getNutritionFacts();
const allergens = await item.getAllergens();

Unfortunately, my personal use case for this project vanished, so I didn't have a lot of need for it anymore. I've cleaned it up and put it here on my GitHub, however, if anyone wants to use it.

Working as of Oct 2017