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Spaces Renamer

Spaces Renamer is a combination of an application and SIMBL plugin to allow you to rename your spaces.

The compressed view after pressing F3

The expanded view after hovering

The interface for renaming the spaces

Spaces Renamer supports multiple monitors, and highlights the current space in each monitor with an outline. Here it is in a video if you want to see it in action.

The Problem

I want to be able to rename my spaces. While TotalSpaces has this functionality, it's not free, and it has a bunch of other features that I'm not really interested in.

The Solution

This is a SIMBL plugin and an application. The SIMBL plugin handles renaming spaces from a saved plist. The application adds an icon to the status bar that allows you to rename the spaces and update the plist.


  1. Download MacForge, the newest incarnation of mySIMBL.
  2. Make sure that it's installed, including disabling SIP (use the command csrutil disable in Recovery mode by following this tutorial). There are additional commands for macOS Catalina, with details under the 'System' tab of MacForge. After it's installed you can partially re-enable SIP using csrutil enable --without debug --without fs. If you fully enable SIP, Spaces Renamer won't work.
  3. Download Spaces Renamer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded .zip file.
  5. Open spaces-renamer.bundle with, or simply drag and drop it in to install it.
  6. Run killall -9 Dock in Terminal to restart the Dock application.
  7. Run the application 'SpacesRenamer'. Accept the option to move it to /Applications. It should be automatically added to your Login Items, but you can check to confirm by going to "System Preferences" > "Users & Groups" > "Login Items" and adding it manually if necessary.
  8. Open the 'Spaces Renamer' icon in the top bar and click 'Update Names' (doesn't matter what's in there). Otherwise the top bar may not appear!

Donations are always appreciated, but in no way expected.