Demo project for talks about migrating from SQL to NoSQL
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From SQL to NoSQL


This is a demo project to show how to migrate from a legacy SQL project to a NoSQL project using Couchbase and Elasticsearch.

You will find the following git branches:

  • 01-legacy/start the legacy project where we start from
  • 02-restify/start we start to create a REST service (and remove old interfaces)
  • 02-restify/end REST Service fully working
  • 03-couchbase-persistence/start we start to move from Hibernate to Couchbase for persistence
  • 03-couchbase-persistence/end Couchbase persistency fully working
  • 04-new-ui-angular/start we start build an AngularJS GUI on top of our REST services
  • 04-new-ui-angular/end AngularJS fully working
  • 05-search/start we start connecting Couchbase and Elasticsearch and add search to AngularJS
  • 05-search/end AngularJS with search fully working
  • 06-dashboards/start we start to build Kibana dashboards
  • 06-dashboards/end Dashboards fully working

To go a given step, just use git checkout command. Eg:

$ git checkout 02-restify/end

Look at the README file to have details on the current step.

Build status

Thanks to cloudbees for the build status: Build Status

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