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Porting add-ons to Anki 2.1
2.1 is still in alpha and prone to change, so you may wish to wait until it
hits beta before starting to update add-ons. But if you'd like to dive in
straight away, here are some tips on porting.
Python 3
Anki 2.1 requires Python 3.5 or later. After installing Python 3 on your
machine, you can use the 2to3 tool to automatically convert your existing
scripts to Python 3 code on a folder by folder basis, like:
2to3-3.5 --output-dir=aqt3 -W -n aqt
mv aqt aqt-old
mv aqt3 aqt
Most simple code can be converted automatically, but there may be parts of the
code that you need to manually modify.
Add-ons that don't deal with file access and bytestrings may well work on both
Python 2 and 3 without any special work required.
Qt5 / PyQt5
The syntax for connecting signals and slots has changed in PyQt5. Recent PyQt4
versions support the new syntax as well, so after updating your add-ons you
may find they still work in Anki 2.0.x as well.
More info is available at
One add-on author reported that the following tool was useful to automatically
convert the code:
Changes in Anki
Qt 5 has deprecated WebKit in favour of the Chromium-based WebEngine, so
Anki's webviews are now using WebEngine. Of note:
- WebEngine uses a different method of communicating back to Python.
AnkiWebView() is a wrapper for webviews which provides a pycmd(str) function in
Javascript which will call the ankiwebview's onBridgeCmd(str) method. Various
parts of Anki's UI like and have had to be
modified to use this.
- Javascript is evaluated asynchronously, so if you need the result of a JS
expression you can use ankiwebview's evalWithCallback().
- As a result of this asynchronous behaviour, editor.saveNow() now requires a
callback. If your add-on performs actions in the browser, you likely need to
call editor.saveNow() first and then run the rest of your code in the callback.
Calls to .onSearch() will need to be changed to .search()/.onSearchActivated()
as well. See the browser's .deleteNotes() for an example.
- You can now debug the webviews using an external Chrome instance, by setting
the env var QTWEBENGINE_REMOTE_DEBUGGING to 8080 prior to starting Anki,
then surfing to localhost:8080 in Chrome. If you run into issues, try
connecting with Chrome 49.
Add-ons without a top level file
Add-ons no longer require a top level file - if you just distribute a single
folder, the folder's file will form the entry point. This will not
work in 2.0.x however.
Sharing updated add-ons
If you've succeeded in making an add-on that supports both 2.0.x and 2.1.x at
the same time, please feel free to upload it to the shared add-ons area. If
you've decided to make a separate 2.1.x version, it's probably best to just
post a link to it in your current add-on description or upload it separately.
When we get closer to a release I'll look into adding separate uploads for the
two versions.