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Plugins for Anki on the desktop
Python Makefile
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fix lone surrogates

latest commit 34b8454c96
Damien Elmes authored
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japanese Fixed error in note type check ("japanese")
.gitignore clearer error when mecab won't run
Makefile add makefile
Postpone update postpone plugin for 1.2
Smartfm Sentence initial commit initial commit initial commit build latex update bulkcloze docs initial commit initial commit fix issue where card stats disappeared when window minimized initial commit update changekeys fix William's changes to fix plugin if there's no media dir, return none update custom player docs update customrecorder custom font defaultbuttons can't use : in searches anymore disable the timer instead; the function reference is updated too late can't use : in searches anymore fond embedding plugin fix scratchpad disappearing initial commit css is in model now dropbox fixing plugin add fixdue fixmark add fix lone surrogates initial commit initial commit initial commit add hardest cards plugin bulk reading generation initial commit detect latex per line, fix other bugs rename fixids plugin initial commit add andreas's deck merging addon initial commit mplayerlog fix nodefaultanswer plugin old shortcuts plugin initial commit include utf8 meta tag in print output quick colour addon new plugin: random display review order on empty search add deck:* mark last answer button plugin fix ordinal bug only add latex if it's not broken
unihan.db initial commit
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