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A Ruby->Python compiler
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Prooby is a Ruby-inspired syntax for Python. At the moment, it uses Ruby itself to parse the code and compile to a Python AST. In the future, it is planned to be completely self-bootstrapping.

What Prooby is not

Prooby is not a Ruby implementation. When writing Prooby code, you're in Python's world. You can't use Ruby's standard library, and writing code as if you're writing for Ruby simply won't fly. Use blocks, implicit returns, nested control-flow structures, etc, but don't forget you're playing in Pythonland.


First, install prereqs:

gem install ruby_parser pp

Clone the Prooby repos


Standard prooby usage is as follows:

ruby prooby.rb input.rb | python

Notice, a great deal of debugging information is dumped to a comment at the beginning of the generated Python code. It's invaluable for development.


  • Multiple-assignment support
  • Static/class methods
  • Decorators
  • Nested control-flow structures
  • Hash constants
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