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Quartz Composer to JS/WebGL compiler


sudo easy_install biplist pyyaml


convert.py is the main file for the compiler.

Example usage: python convert.py demos/IWTC.qtz > IWTC.html

You can also pass in the name of an audio file to be synced with the animation (it will be used as the timebase for the animation) after the qtz file. After that, you can pass any value to enable debugging.

python convert.py demos/IWTC.qtz iwtc > IWTC_audio.html
python convert.py demos/IWTC.qtz iwtc debug > IWTC_audio_debug.html
python convert.py demos/IWTC.qtz none debug > IWTC_debug.html

When passing an audio file (e.g. not none), it will automatically assume that you have both an mp3 and ogg version of the track. (XXX: Fixme)


The official channel is #qtzweb on irc.freenode.net. Feel free to drop by for help or development discussion!